The Music You Grew Up With

About Us

Meet Wally Newman

Wally’s career in broadcasting has been spent in both radio and television. He got his start as a studio engineer at Gene Autry-owned KMPC radio in Hollywood, where Wally worked with such notable talents as Gary Owens and Dick Enberg. His television work on the West Coast included feature reporting for the ABC affiliate in Portland, Oregon. After moving to Houston in 1983, Wally appeared on Fox 26 TV and produced stories for the PBS’ Nightly Business Report. With his first love in radio, he pulled a weekend shift on KIKK-FM, a popular country music station.

History of the Show

In 2007, after founding a successful communications strategies firm, Wally created and began hosting a radio show featuring music from the early days of Rock & Roll. He named it Bobby Socks & Doo-Wop® in honor of the era’s great music and fun times.

When not on the air, Wally takes his ‘50s & ‘60s radio show on the road.  Senior Citizens sing along to the music they grew up with, while enjoying vintage commercials from the era. It’s radio the way it used to be! They especially enjoy hearing the behind-the-scenes stories Wally has gathered over the years on the air. Wally’s ’50s-style Sock Hops are also very popular.

What is Doo-Wop?

Doo-Wop is a vocal styling that got its start with rhythm and blues groups in the 1940s, with continued popularity into the 1960s. It originated as groups of young men with strong voices, waiting for the bus, would sing a cappella 4-part harmony on the street corner under the lamp post. Doo-Wop got its name from the nonsensical lyrics, such as “doo-wop” and “shoo-be-doo,” that were used in place of instruments. Most of the songs were about love, with the harmonies reminiscent of a barbershop quartet. Every time you hear a Doo-Wop song you think of good times.